Silence of the Geese
    Our fifth Pinball Event - Silence of the Geese - was held Saturday October 20, 2001.
    Being close to Halloween a more seasonal title was goosed up and a great time was had by all. Souvenir mugs and prizes were given out. All guest pins for this party were for sale pins.
Hourly prize winners for this event were:
  • Joshua Duff
  • Christina Herrera
High Scores:
  • Star Trek the Next Generation - Greg Algaard
  • Scared Stiff - Troy A.
  • Tommy - Dane Carlson
  • Tales From The Crypt - Sheena Martinis
  • Fish Tales - Kevin Dreyling
  • Theatre of Magic - Derek Fugate
  • Medieval Madness - Terry C.
  • Monster Bash - Kevin Scott
  • High Roller - Chris Hebrink
  • Austin Powers - Mike Christiansen
  • Twilight Zone - Jesse Howard