Sherlock Goose
    Our seventh Pinball Event - Sherlock Goose (find the missing goose) - was held Saturday June 22, 2002.

    This being the Sherlock Goose Party, our theme was, of course, to find the hidden Goose. As part of the event a small plastic replica of our greatly beloved mascot was hidden in a pinball machine and the first person to find it won a mug and prize. Mike Anderson was the winner, having searched high and low to locate the hidden Goose in "Things" box on Addams Family Gold.

    Guest pins for this event included Big Bang Bar, which was brought in as a late addition to help with the festivities, as well as a Junkyard and Roadshow. The tournament started at 8:00pm and played out until Scott Tiesma was declared the winner.

High Scores:
  • Banzai Run - Guy Gades
  • Addams Family Gold - Kevin Dreyling
  • Attack from Mars - Derek Fugate
  • Medieval Madness - Lori
  • South Park - Denise
  • Theatre of Magic - Troy A.
  • Pinball Magic - Todd Anderson
  • Austin Powers - Brian Jacobson
  • Star Wars Episode One - Scott Tiesma
  • Breakshot - Terry Web
  • High Roller - Terry C.
  • Dracula - Byron Turner
  • Cirqus Voltaire - Angela Doree
  • Monster Bash - Eric Doree